Four season tents

looking for a 4 season that would survive in places like mt mckinley. I have a big budget, but I’ve been looking at so many tents that I can’t tell whats good anymore. Any suggestions?

I’m not sure that I can help a whole lot with the Mt. McKinley question. However, I do have a Big Agnes Copper Spur Four Season tent that has worked well for us. We use is at around 10,000 ft above sea level and have camped in it down to 3 below zero Fahrenheit. If you check it out, be sure to select the four season option, because there are also three season copper spurs. The four season fabric is particularly strong, and the zippers are made for the cold. There is adequate venting. The poles are strong. I haven’t tested it in strong winds, but I have no reason to doubt its ability. I’ll add, and I think this is every tent when it gets cold enough, even with the vents open, a layer of frost will develop inside the tent as the air we exhale hits the inside surface. It’s just that when it’s that cold, the air doesn’t move well enough.

Mt. McKinley! What a great trip! I hope it’s everything and more!

I second the Big Agnes Copper Spur. They are durable, and light weight. My two person tent weighs less than other brands one person light weight tents. I use it for myself alone just for the extra room. I have a friend that has the 3 person and we’ve used it for two peeps.