Food preparation

Hello everyone!
I’m looking for the ways how to prepare food. Which equipment do you use to grill, boil your food? Is it difficult?

How are you camping? Tent, TV, car, van, or hiking?

I have a Coleman Roadtrip grill I use for my van; also comes in handy for ski tailgating :wink: I bought the stove swaptops for both burners, and generally only use those. I like it because I don’t need a table to put it on, and it folds up nicely. I have also used a Coleman two-burner stove, and those are nice, but it does require a surface to put it on.

For backpacking, I have an MSR Pocket Rocket that I use. I like it better than the Jetboils because it is very small and light. It also is a backup for raft trips, I use it to make coffee after the main camp kitchen is put away.

Usually I go with the tent for several days

Thanks for sharing your experience, this is really precious :slight_smile:

I used a Coleman 2 burner propane stove because it packs fairly light and easily, the propane cylinders are compact and last one person well, and you can go with a small refillable if you choose. Never dependent on a fire or dry fuel source and 2 burners are just more convenient when you have room. The single burner butane stoves are super lightweight, cheap and butane burns hotter so you get more heat for the weight, except it stutters when temps drop closer to freezing. Butane cylinders can be difficult to find on the road, so have a couple spares with you. Of course, backpacking requires super efficient lightweight heat source. I haven’t high country camped in ages so talk to someone who does as new & improved versions of the Gaz are out now.
The second important thing is water. If you camp by car, I highly recommend you purchase a small water tank. One never knows if the water supply is on/off or existent. It’s a good backup at any rate. We carry Magic Straw for emergencies and a 3 gal. slimpack for backup.
Try to be as ice independent with your foods because it’s annoying to be a slave to your cooler. Besides, most food is actually temperature tolerant and keep well in shade.

So many ideas, thanks! I don’t want to be a cooler slave, so this was the reason of asking about food preparation

Agree with the other members. Especially be careful with the butane cylinders and water tank. You asked about grilling food. here, there are some little grills, which I usually use to prepare hot-dogs at home - well, if you have enough space for this you may use it. You can try to take it with you once, and if it is not convinient, you can use that at home anyway. This is not the most needed camping stuff, it’s better to take a stove. And pay attention on the food, which you don’t have to cook at all - nuts, dried food, snacks.
Have a good camping!

It depends on where and how I am camping.
For most meals we use a 2 burner Coleman gas stove. It’s fast and convenient.
If I’m camping somewhere for several days I’ll usually do Dutch Oven for several meals. They take longer and need more prep, but the results are worth it.
I also have a one burner Coleman for backpack trips.

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For car camping I go heavy - even taking my cast iron for some trips and a large cooler. But when backpacking or motorcycle camping I go light; a jet boil with some dehydrated food packs or some simple things to prepare.
For the heavy set up, the meals are pretty laborious and are often intended to be a group project. For the light pack, it’s easy and fast. Just add good water and you’re set to go.

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Hi Helen

When it comes to grilling, I use a gas or charcoal grill. Both work well, but gas grills are more convenient and easier to control the temperature. For boiling food, I use a pot on the stovetop. It’s not difficult to use, just make sure to keep an eye on the pot and use a thermometer to check the temperature of the water if necessary.

In addition to grilling and boiling, there are many other ways to prepare food such as baking, sautéing, roasting, and more. Each method requires different equipment, so it’s important to know what you’re trying to make before deciding on the equipment to use.

Btw, you can check out this link for a variety of camping snack options I recommend for all ages and preferences: