First time - need backpacking food ideas

I’m planning on just eating nuts and cliff bars for breakfast/lunch. But I’m carrying a stove for dinner. beyond just eating ramen, does anyone have some secret backpacking food ideas?

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So many! I’ll post my list of favorites and let me know if you want more details.

  1. Spicy lentils and rice
  2. Dehydrated hummus
  3. Mushroom risotto
  4. Chickpea couscous

(I’ll update as I think of more)
Here is a great website with recipes:

Good suggestions, these sound pretty tasty. :yum:

Some of my quick and easy meals.

Steak and Potatoes: Beef jerky + Idahoan Instant Potatoes. Just boil water and add ingredients.

Hawiian Plate Lunch: Spam Packet + Ramen Noodles + Mayo Packet + Lemon Pepper. Just braise spam. Boil water and ramen, then drain. Add mayo, lemon pepper and spam.

Pesto Pasta: Tuna Packet + Instant Ramen + Pesto Sauce + Ghee Packet. Just boil water and ramen. Drain water, then add other ingredients.

Here to help! :slight_smile:

  • Couscous cooks quick and if paired with tuna or chicken from a packet (the flavored kinds are best) it’s easy and quick.

  • Minute Rice with additives like tuna or dehydrated veggies and some spices

I am very much so an advocate of taking Mountain House meals with me. Lots of variety and easy to fix using a small stove. And the flavor has been great in every one I have tried. It also really helps that they have a closure so when you are packing away your trash you can contain it a lot easier without any messes.

My typical go-to’s are plain-o jane-o ramen noodles. They’re light, carbs, and easy to cook. But a different must have is corn chips. Some of my buddies went through a ultralight phase and talked about how high the calorie to weight ratio was for them, which made the great for backpacking lighter. Also, they had a high oil content which made them great fire starters in a pinch!

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I use the dehydrated food packets (Mountain House) and Knorr pasta packets for my bigger meals, nuts energy bars, and peanut butter for snacks.

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Bagels with peanut butter and chia seeds. Use your hair as floss LOL

Tuna packets; Lots and lots of tuna with great herbs and spices.

Rice, Quinoa and Couscous

Starkist Chicken creations

Peanut butter protein balls


Herbal tea (tisane) bags and instant coffee (starbucks or CBD)

Kind bars

Seeds, nuts, granola and dried fruit

Switchel mix - acv, lemon juice, himalayan salt, honey and maple syrup. Boil water with herb tea (or tisane) bags and add mix to replenish