First Time Camping in North Georgia Next Weekend

Hey, y’all! I’m a new member here, so I hope I put this in the right place. Next weekend I will be going camping for the first time with some buddies and this poses 2 questions.

Due to work, the earliest I can arrive at camp is Saturday afternoon. We plan to look along nimblewill gap road and forest service road 28-1 for dispersed drive-in campsites.

Question #1: Do you think there will be any available? This is the only time I can make it for months so I would really appreciate some info.

Question #2: Anything other than the basics that I should pack? It’s going to be hot so I will be bringing lots of water and cover.

I really appreciate the help and am looking forward to your responses. Have a good one.


Almost everywhere in the Georgia mountains is busy every weekend during summer. The state parks fill up months in advance, Forests Service sites probably by Thursday or Friday. You are planning near Springer Mountains, too, so good luck.
If your buddies can get away early it will increase your chances of finding a spot.
As far as what to take beyond basics, there isn’t much else you should need.
Weather should be warm, but cooler in the mountains than in Atlanta. Not much chance of rain but always possible.

Of course it depends on the area, but definitely insects repellent! Have fun & good luck