Favorite things to make for dinner while camping

that looks so good! Made my mouth water!

We just got a travel trailer and went on a month long trip. One thing I did that worked really well is for weeks in advance, I cooked extra of what ever my meal was and used the actual bowls from the camper to get a good portion size and used a food saver to vacuum seal up the “left overs” Then I froze them flat in the freezer. If you have things with a lot of liquid, you have to semi freeze so the food saver doesn’t draw in the liquid as it seals. When camping, I got a large pot of water and heated. Then I dropped in which ever bag of deliciousness we were having and let it boil for 15 or 20 min. Remove with tongs, snip a corner off the bag (if liquid) and pour into bowls. Otherwise, cut the bag open and remove contents. SO EASY and afterward, I used the still warm water from the pot to wash the dishes.


Great idea! I think I can use this car camping too!

Yeah, we do the same thing, but instead of making it at home we splurge and buy those Costco meals that come in sealed bags, like the pot roast or the ribs or the various chicken meals. Into the boiling water to heat, snip open to eat and use the hot water to clean up afterwards…

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Anyone make pizza over the open fire and care to share?

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We’ve also done boil I bags, tho our food saver has a seal only option so no worries about liquids.

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@Kathleen_C You don’t say how many you will be cooking for. There are only two of us and we are pretty basic. One of our go-to meals is nachos which we have found is much easier than burritos and easily customizable. We make our own in 8" cast iron pans, cover with foil, and they are done on the camp stove within 5-8 minutes. If you want to get more adventurous, I purchased a book last year that has some interesting recipes: “Dirty Gourmet. Food For Your Outdoor Adventures” (Trudeau, Nielson, Kwan).

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I just found it at my library, thank you! Count depends on the trip sometimes 2 - sometimes 8… great recommendation!

I’ve only made pizza pudgy pies, delish! But I have heard the cast iron pizza is a good thing!