Favorite Campfire Chair?

What are your favorite campfire chairs? We need to replace ours as they are currently held together with zip ties! Not looking for a lounging style, but the type you would sit at the campfire or riverside with. Go!

Disclaimer: I’ve done a ranger review of GCI. They are the right combo of durability and value. If you have an open REI nearby they probably have a model or two that you can try out in the store.

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As a dyrt ranger I got to try out some REI chairs. I choose the pod rockers. They are great. Can sit back and relax and rock or they have front feet that are stable so you can sit upright and eat or play games. They are foldable and come with a carry bag. Relatively light for short walk. [quote=“wealwaysWAnder, post:1, topic:785, full:true”]
What are your favorite campfire chairs? We need to replace ours as they are currently held together with zip ties! Not looking for a lounging style, but the type you would sit at the campfire or riverside with. Go!

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For backpacking the REI flexlite is my go to. Super lightweight, portable, and compact. Fits easily in a backpack and very easy to assemble.

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I started out with those standard, cheap folding ones you can get from the local supermarket and then upgraded to a director-style Coleman deck chair with folding table. I really like it - the firm back, the padded arms. The legs felt sturdy and I was confident the chair will not collapse under me.

But I especially like the cute table! Perfect for drinks, phone, a book. It is so handy I have caught other friends putting their drinks on my table and sitting in MY chair! :laughing:

Now this season, I’ve got my eyes on that padded Kuma lazy bear camp chairs. I have tried it out and it was super comfortable. I’m just not sure if I want the single or the buddy/double version (and claim it for myself!) :rofl:

Although I have used the collapsible camp chairs (which take up very little room in my vehicle), and standard folding chairs, my favorite to take is my zero gravity chair. If I want to relax by the fire, it takes very little effort to recline in it. They are not good if you want to eat a meal in it (then I use one of the other chairs), but it is more comfortable than any of the others. Obviously, I don’t take it backpacking.

I also just got my hands on some GCI Rockers. They are really comfy. But I cant help but still love my Coleman Captains chair. Its a standard folding chair but it has a built in cooler that can hold about 6 beers.

I have 4 GCI chairs - Freestyle Rocker, Roadtrip Rocker, Freeform Zero Gravity, and the Everywhere Chair. The Freeform is my least favorite and the one I struggle with the most. and it’s too bulky to take on trips. The Everywhere chair is becoming my go to that lives in my trunk so I can use is spur-of-the-moment or if I need to carry it to an event, but it is low. It adjusts to accommodate hills. The Roadtrip Rocker is substantial…I like the support, it has a higher back, but it also takes up more space, though it still fits in a bag. The Freestyle rocker is square, easy to carry with a handle, and I find it comfortable. Friends enjoy this one, too.

I’ve found all the GCI products to be sturdy and imitated by others. May styles are available in sporting good stores so you can check them out.

I will be the umpteenth person to recommend GCI rockers!

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The GCI camp chairs and stool i reviewed are very quickly becoming my goto gear. The weight and footprint are great for kayak camping.

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It is not as portable, but my zero gravity chair makes relaxing easy.

We had a couple of Coleman chairs, and while they were OK, we decided to get the Kelty Loveseat, and we love it! It’s one of the most comfy camping chairs, it’s great with two people.

Our dog also very much approves!

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Another shoutout for the amazon March way. Literally sitting in it now around a campfire. Comfy enough for me but love the portability.

Agree! My husband and I started buying this style off amazon several years ago. Mine is still going strong after 4 years but I think my husband just ordered his 3rd one (oops!). The head rest is a must- I end up falling asleep in pit at the campfire every other night. :slightly_smiling_face:

Kevin and I love the Go Anywhere Chairs which I think we got at a Walgreens years ago. We’ve had so many over the years and keep coming back to them even when we try others.

My favorite brand of campfire chair is Concretica. They are not expensive, there is nothing to complain about in terms of quality. And for me it is important to have a good chair. To sit in front of the fireplace at home and in the street, when we do barbecue, so that it was comfortable to sit in them. But still I think, how to refinish a chair to be even better. There are some ideas, but it’s hard to find someone who can do that and so I don’t want to voice them. When I implement my ideas I will definitely share with you. But before that there is still time.

I really like a Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair that I have just bought for my husband. It is tough, made from quality materials, water-resistant, and has a media pocket. If you want to feel absolute relaxation during your camping trips, this is definitely the perfect chair for you to sit on.

Here: https://www.rvweb.net/best-rv-camping-chairs-reviewed/

Coleman camping quad chair is my favorite, nice and big, even heftier folks will fit comfortably. The Coleman Quad presents a foam-padded seat and backrest.