Experience with synthetic oil?

about to do my yearly maintenance on my rig. Looking into buying some synthetic oil this year. Anyone have experience with that? any input is appreciated.

It’s all I ever use. RV, generator,cars, motorcycle. I like Rotella

There are many pros and cons. A buddy of mine has the same diesel truck as me and runs conventional oil with no problems. I’ve always switched my vehicles to synthetic after the first two oil changes just for some added insurance. If it does what they say, then it’s worth the extra dollars and peace of mind to me. I also use Rotella and do occasionally alternate the synthetic blend for an oil change here or there. I’ve put 170K and 180K on two different diesel trucks using synthetic oil and never has a single engine wear related issue.

Same here. I use it in everything including lawn mowers… everything! Particularly if you are not good about changing your oil!!! It won’t acidify like regular oil. Important for engines you don’t use much. It sits in my mower for years before you reach the recommended hours and I sure won’t change it every year just because.

All synthetic in all engines. Ford F250 super duty xlt 2016 started it on synthetic from 10k miles. Pull in desert South west in the summer. No issues. Our generators, John Deere gator, snow thrower, all on synthetic.

Depending on the mileage…
I start my new cars and bikes on Mobil 1 Super-Syn Gold cap, with one quart of synthetic Lucas oil additive. All my vehicles have exceeded 230K and still going strong, no leaks, no issues.
On a high mileage vehicle, where you don’t know the oil previously used, I might consult someone wiser than I…and if you already have any oil seepage, I wouldn’t go full synthetic

Synthetic oil is absolutely a step up from dino oil. It can get dirty, but does not wear out. Perfect for vehicles that sit for long periods.