Ewww, that smell!

My wife and I have had our Jayco trailer for 2 years. We’ve never been able to use the water in it, other than to flush the commode. We can’t stand the smell. I winterize it each winter and when I flush the antifreeze out, the water still smells like antifreeze. It aggravates me to not be able to use the sink or shower in the camper. Is there something that I’m missing, or is there something I can do to clean the system out and get rid of the smell?


First of all, winterizing your water tank & lines DOES NOT mean adding antifreeze!!! It is poisonous. Simply drain all water from your tank and lines, using a shop vac to suction everything out. Your water supply is not your radiator.

Sanitize the water holding tank, and your wishes will come true.