Eurovan camping in NM

Driving our VW Eurovan to AZ mid-late February and would love to stop at hot springs and a night or two at a reservable campsite somewhere in NM. Any and all suggestions welcome including what to avoid.

You did not say the direction you are driving through NM so this might be helpful. There is a hot spring called Montezuma Hot Springs north of Las Vagus NM (NOT Nevada)on state road 62 near United World College. It’s small but I went there with my partner in Feb. and had a sitting in the very hot spring while it snowed on my head experience. There are others if that is not your direction.
Happy travels in the Euro van remember mine quite fondly. How ever it had the Audie 5 cyclander engine and just did not last. Even dealers could not longer do anything with it for any price, very sad.

If you are headed through the southern part of the state, Truth or Consequences is right on I-25. There are many places in town that let you soak. RV parks nearby too. If you want a natural setting off the beaten path, but beautiful, go north out of Silver City to the Gila Cliff Dwellings, and there’s a spot off to the left of the road that has a hot spring right on the river. Boondocking sites nearby too.