Easily pitching a tarp over your tent?

Dumb question. Does anyone else pitch a tarp OVER their main tent to provide additional shade, and rain protection?

As I have mentioned in the welcome, I am in Texas, and it gets HOT here, and when it rains, it’s like someone flipped a swimming pool upside down on your head. So added rain protection would be nice…

I picked an instant set tent as I have back and knee issues, so I was hoping to get some ideas on tarp pitching that would make it easier to do…

David, there’s no such thing as a dumb question, unless it’s “What season do the deer turn into elk?” and then it’s just ill-informed. But I would not hesitate to put up an extra layer over my tent for comfort and protection. Does your tarp have grommets? It’s easier to both string up and adjust tension with rope running through grommets. If not, no worries. Take a small rock and place it under the corner of the tarp. Then tie the cord around the pocket with the rock inside. Now you can tighten the cord to stakes or a tree (careful not to hurt the tree.) I once opened my tent sack at the campground to find I had no rain fly. Out came the tarp and I slept dry and comfortable. I hope this helps, and keep on camping!

That, my friend, is a wise question. I would venture to say I pitch a tarp over my tent 80% of the time…for several reasons…as you mentioned. 1) Shade 2) Much easier to break camp dry in rain or heavy dew when under a tarp…bonus-you pack a dry tent. 3) in heavy dew or potential rain when it’s 100 degrees and no breeze. There are very few outings that I do not experience rain and I believe tarping is the way to go.
Car camping, bikepacking or paddle camping I bring a big tarp. Backcountry I use my Grand Trunk Abrigo rain fly …lightweight and plenty of guyout points.

I recently “pitched” a tarp over my main tent. We literally threw it over and crudely strapped it down with the tent guywire since it started raining as we set up. We ended up tying it to our cars since the trees were too far away. It wasn’t the best, but it kept us dry. The tent and rainfly are so old they don’t have any waterproofing left.

I usually bring a collapsible canopy to protect my tent and/or person from the sun or rain. It is easy to set up and take down, I can do it by myself. It is a bit bulky and heavy, but it provides the protection I need. The 20’x16’ tarp was a new item since we don’t have a canopy large enough for this older 20’x10’ tent.