Driving through north dakota on I94

what are the best camping spots along i94 for people like me that are driving through the state. Thanks!

I stopped at a few spots when passing through over the last 2 summers. The first 2 spots are when we were trying to just get back home and needed a spot for the night and it turned out nicely.
Hillcrest Acres Campground is an RV park but it’s run by some really cool owners. They went out of their way to find me a spot away from the crowd and spent time talking about how to improve their campground.
Medina City Park is in a really small town but it was unexpectedly nice. Not fancy but the park was big and offered trees and lots of grass. Great for an overnight.
Sully Creek was nice but we only found a site in the full sun. There are others in more shade. It is near Theodore Roosevelt NP so we spent a couple days. Town is close by too.