Dog friendly hiking and rustic camping in Oregon and Washington?

Once things clear up enough this summer, we hope to head out to Oregon and/or Washington to camp and hike. I’ve been to the Columbia River Gorge and know about those hiking trails. I am interested in hiking trails that are less popular and yet have some beauty to immerse yourself in. We will be starting on the eastern side of the states and moving westward. We hope to hike 5-10 miles a day as we travel for the summer. Any suggestions for rustic camping and cool hiking would be appreciated :smiley:

There plenty of trails around Mt Hood area has tons of stuff all the way around it!
Mt. Adams & Indian Heaven area is Great too. Both are dog friendly. Not sure of the level of difficulty you are looking for thou. Or how far North in Washington and how far south in Oregon you’re willing to go…

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Mt Hood is an area I have heard a lot about and definitely want to check out. Thanks for the suggestions!

+1 for the Mt Adams area. Mt Hood, St Helens and the Gorge all get way too crowded as soon as the weather’s nice. My dog doesn’t appreciate all the company.
Mt Adams is a little further drive, but worth it to avoid the crowds and enjoy some freedom. There’s plenty of great trails, rivers and waterfalls in the area and you really don’t have to worry about social distancing.

Both Washington and Oregon have so much FS/BLM land and private timber holdings that there are tons of possibilities for dog-friendly hiking and camping. I second the Gifford Pinchot NF for the lack of crowds and endless trails. Colville NF is another great area if you make it that far north and if you are in the NE corner of Oregon head to the Wallowa’s just outside of Joseph, it’s a really cool town and you can access tons of wilderness using that are as a jumping-off point.

These all sound great - thanks! My dog is dealing with a hip problem this summer so my adventure planning will be for next summer. There is so much to explore out there!