Does planet fitness have showers

title says it all. curious if all planet fitness have showers? There’s plenty of gyms to choose but I think i might like planet fitness the most.

as far as I know, every planet fitness has showers. It’s kind of expensive to have a membership at a Gym just for their showers. Surely there’s a cheaper option out there?

They do all have showers! They vary in quality, but none are too bad and some are really nice. I did 4 months in my Honda Odyssey last summer, and paid for the Black Card which also gives you access to massage beds! They became my home base. Highly recommend.

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They all have showers and lockers, which comes in handy if you travel city to city randomly. Just beware that some of the studios don’t keep great care of their showers. You may want to bring flip flops.

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