DIY composting toilet tips

i know many people find composting toilets kind of gross, but I don’t think i would mind it. I just want a really cheap one, so does anyone have any tips for DIY composting toilets?

It’s not difficult if you have enough patience. And there are also websites with tips for DIY projects.

Unfortunately, I have no experience creating a DIY toilet, even though I like to work with my hands. But I have such a toilet because I travel a lot. I bought an RV to drive around the USA in spring, summer, and fall. So in cold weather, relieving yourself in heat is much more pleasant. I’ve tried a variety of fillers for such a toilet. And most of all, I like the smell of coffee grounds. The smell of coffee is very pungent, and it covers the unpleasant smell of the toilet. This is useful for small rooms. You can go to to find information about DIY portable toilets.

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