Distanced, safe car camping sites down california, east to florida?

Going on a long road trip in my new outback with my mom and my dog for the first time. We’ll be sleeping in the car and using a foldable toilet/privacy pop up tent for covid safety. Please recommend any car camping-friendly sites along my route which will allow for lots of space (at least 30 feet between me and the next car) and be cool with me using my my pop up tent/toilet. Bonus points for safe and pretty. Thanks!

Did San Diego to St Petersburg over the holidays – https://www.instagram.com/p/CJkGEtnHRQB/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Hope this helps!

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Palo Duro Canyon Campground in Texas

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Thanks, paloduro canyon looks pretty! Can you describe what the car camping sites are like there? Are there designated spots? How close to one another?

We car camped in Site 88 in the Mesquite area. It was pretty good. There are not many trees so limited shade and privacy. Don’t stay there if there are high winds or heavy rains in the forecast.

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Wind shouldn’t matter as we’ll be sleeping in my Outback car

We had an Outback that we usually sleep in (with Luno air mattress) but the site was so nice we set up our tent. Then, at 1am a freak storm rolled in…