Dispersed Camping

My husband and I are looking for a nice spot off the main road to do “dispursed camping” like we always do but Im having a hard time finding anything outside of Prescott National forest. We are wanting to explore between Pine/Strawberry and Pinetop/Lakeside areas. We have a tent :tent: and our truck is lifted a bit but not complete 4x4 but we do love to explore the backroads too when camping. Thanks!

My Dad had a ranch for 30 years near there in Long Valley. You just have to wander around a find a place. Get a good map of the National Forest. You can do some exploration trips to find a spot. If it is on the internet it is too popular.

Hey Ann,

My friends and I are always disperse camping, we really aren’t fans of being around a lot of people, haha. We use a few different apps to find our spots for setting up camp! I personally use OnX Offroad (No affiliation). This app tells you all the different land properties like National Park and BLM land. We use BLM land always to camp! My buddies here use Gaia GPS to find spots! OnX only costs $30 a year. Let me know if you have any questions about it and I am glad to help out!

Hello all and thanks for being on The Dyrt!! Dispersed camping is amazing - being away from it all and enjoying the land! Just always make certain that you check the details of the space you are considering and be sure it’s legal to camp there, that it’s not private land (with out permission) and that you pack out trash, if there are no cans. Happy camping!

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