Cleaning out a camping spot

There is a camping spot near my hometown, But it is now Really polluted with plastic wastes so no one is camping there. So i was thinking about cleaning the entire yard so people could use it again for camping. I have contacted some of my friends about that, and some locals also agreed to help, but we need to rent a garbage disposal bin. So do anyone know where could we rent one?


Contact your local waste haulers. They often have larger units available for commercial purposes or remodeling projects. You might even be able to talk them into a discount or donation toward the project of some kind, particularly if you can get some good press on what you’re doing and how they are helping. -Ari

Depending on how much waste is involved, look for dumpster rental services. Construction companies to this all the time. Bagster is another option if it is a smaller volume of waste. You can buy the bag at a big box hardware and then schedule pickup…check requirements, restrictions, and availability online first.

That is really awesome. If you speak with the big box or some other businesses in your area you might be able to get them to donate to the cause. It could bring in revenue for the town.