Chuck Box - Buy or DIY?

Has anyone used a chuck box?
Where did you get it?
Did you buy it, find it, or make it?

I have seen some incredible chuck boxes that have a place for everything and everything you’d need for cooking while camping.

Some are metal, most are wooden.
Some are simple, some are deluxe.
Some are aesthetic, some are functional.

I am trying to decide if I make my own from one of the many patterns available online. And alter it to the gear I have already? That would mean buying wood and hardware and tools to create it if I don’t already own them. Or can borrow. How heavy would this be? How difficult would this be? Has anyone done this?

Or if I buy one already made? So that I know all my gear has a place and I don’t need anything else. I would donate the gear I have in this case because I am trying to live by reduce, reuse, recycle. But I know this would be expensive. But would it be more expensive than making my own? Can I buy a light weight aluminum chuck box? Has anyone bought a complete chuck box?

Anyone have any advice from their own experience using a chuck box?
I have been car camping or shelter camping most recently so the weight is more about hefting it from the car to the porch/picnic table area.

This is a subject I am interested in. I have a plan to build a camp kitchen on wheels. Sort of like an oversized wheelbarrow with an eclosed tub. It would fit nice and tight at the front of my utility trailer and once unloaded at camp it will fold out. The idea is to carry all kitchen tools/necessities in one unit.