Cheap simple camper awning

i know there’s some great awnings, but they are way too expensive (i’m looking at you Solera Family Room 15’). What’s the best bang for your buck camper awning?

I’d love to know about some good awnings as well. Instant portable shade is indispensable!

They are definitely not cheap, but I’d love to get (be able to afford) one of these batwing awnings, which cover the side and stretch around to the back:

The batwing awnings are so cool. We came super close to adding on a RhinoRack Sunseeker to our teardrop trailer. They’re really low profile and seem easy to set up. (
Instead, though, we opted for a large Coleman pop-up with mesh walls and augmented it with a mosquito/fly net to keep our pests while cooking in the hatch kitchen.

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Easy-Ups are inexpensive and set up quickly. We got an 8’x8’ on sale for $60. Advantage is you can put the shade where you want it.

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as a frugal dude myself, This might be in my future :slight_smile:

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Take a look at these. I have one and its very multi functional.

$70 set-up –

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Sunday Campers has started saling and exporting the Roof Top Tent , Hard Shell Roof Tent , Vehicle Awning, Inflatable Tent & RV Awning ,4WD Vehicle Awning, 4x4 mesh room car awning since 2006, is the first batch factories which manufacture the roof tent in North China. We are focusing on roof tent so we are professional.

There is nothing cheaper nor simpler than using a tarp and some telescoping poles, bungee thru the grommet holes along the edges, guylines and a couple of stakes… you can also use the tarp for other things… plus, you can get a tarp in lots of different sizes/shapes and colors…
Pop ups take up a lot of room, other types have that problem too as well as parts…

I have just bought Shade Pro RV Vinyl Awning Replacement Fabric. My husband really likes this new awning fabric that we got to replace the old one. He found it really easy to install. He even had our 13 yr old granddaughter and 15 year old grandson help him. He had it installed in less that 2 hours. It looks awesome. We would highly recommend this to others.

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If you are looking for a simple and easy to work with awning RV, then SunWave is the right awning for you. Even if this is your first time installing RV awning, you will have no trouble as clear instructions are added to it.

Awnlux is also a cheap awning. It is effortless to install. The fabric comes with poly cords and a pull strap that promotes ease in inserting the fabric into the roller’s slots. I was able to install the fabric by myself in under half an hour. Of course, I have some experience doing this sort of thing.

Would you recommend this set up for a picnic table covering?

Shade Pro RV vinyl awning is also great. This awning is also one of the most straightforward to install that I’ve seen. When I set it up, I never had any issues. The poly cables are thick enough to readily go into the slots while remaining secure.

The SunWave 17’2-3” Banner offers many exciting features at an affordable price. They’re made from high-quality vinyl and come in a variety of bright colors. Besides the versatility this tarp gives, its lightness is also worth it. In addition to the eye-catching design, I also like the robustness of the product. You can be assured that this product will stand the test of time.

Another good choice I think will help you. This Shade Pro’s vinyl fabric awning might be just what you need. As the name suggests, it literally replaces your shabby old awning fabric and offers much-needed protection from harsh elements. It was pretty easy to install and didn’t take long. I really like that it comes with three-year parts and a shipping warranty.

what is this RV vinyl thing