Car Camping Mattress

I need a new roll-up mattress for sleeping in the SUV. Thicker is better, I’m thinking at least 2’’ or more and not over 72" long. Any suggestions?

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The Milliard TriFold might work for you…it doesn’t roll up, but it comes in 4 and 6 inch thickness and ours is super comfortable! We use a full size one.

Yes I actually just got that for my car. I LOVE IT!

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I have a Thermarest pad that I believe is called “the base camp.” It’s about 2.5 inches thick but rolls up quite nicely. A little bulky & heavy for packing, but great in base camp.

Thanks Gary. Thermarest is the pad I’m replacing after years of good service. Just thought to inquire about up to date products from users. I’m also looking at the REI Camp Bed, it’s about the same price when on sale

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We’ve been using the Luno Life air mattress, which is specially shaped to fit in an SUV or crossover. We used it in our 2016 Outback during our recent roadtrip, and also in our tent, and we really like it. It inflates/deflates pretty quickly, and takes up about as much space as our tent when packed up. You can adjust the two sides separately, or just use one side. It comes with two inflatable cubes to go behind the front seats so you get full length. I am a big guy - 6’5" and 245 lbs - and I can sleep on it, legs straight, with the rear hatch closed. It also comes with a pump that plugs into the lighter. Cost is $225.

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We really like our Milliard…but we also have a Honda Element so it fits perfect inside!

If you are a climber, the metolius tri-fold or mad rock tri-fold crashpads fit well into most SUVs, and are multipurpose for climbing!

I just wanted to second the Luno Life mattress recommendation. I’ve used the v1.0 since it was released in my 2019 Subaru Outback and recently upgraded to the v2.0 along with the sheet and this thing is absolutely worth every penny. New one is considerably stronger and more durable and increases weight capacity.

I got a Luno Life SUV 10% off coupon with my purchase I don’t really need and am happy to pass on.

No affiliation, just a neat product and passing on coupon code.

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I’d be interested to see what you come up with. ALL of the thicker roll up matresses I have ever seen are at minimum 78" long. Your 72" max length seems to pose a problem… I guess you could stack a couple backpackers sleeping pads assuming you can keep them from slipping apart, they tend to be intended to go head to knee…

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We have a Honda Element and I was looking at getting the Milliard. Which size did you get? Full?

It’s a full size.

But now, I have a RTT, with an Exped Megamat Duo instead.

I bought this for my car and love it, it’s convenient and comfortable to lie down in the car! !

Recently I bought an inflatable air mattress for my car on
it is really convenient

Personally, I am using a standard air mattress for inside my car! Any one you can pick up on Amazon for cheap that fits your dimensions. However I am looking into the Klymit Foam + Air mattress they sell! I have a buddy who uses this one regularly and he always raves on how good his sleep is. Feeling it, its like my mattress at home! I’ll let you all know what I think of it once I get it!

Klymit Foam Mattress: