Can we discuss generator use?

I’m a camping vet, from backpacking to 36 ’ RV and currently in an 8’ teardrop. It’s the generators that drive us crazy…from dispersed camping to occasional state parking. We are totally OK with a generator if we see a disability tag, but for the average camper…WHY??? Is anyone else frustrated with the sound of a generator blocking out the sounds of nature? And, can I hear some justification for running a generator during the day, night, whatever that may help my bad attitude? Thank you.

I hate hearing the sound of generators when I’m camping but I carry one and use it when needed. Some places I can’t get enough solar to keep my batteries charged when we’re using the heater a lot at night. It is a small, fairly quiet invertor generator and I try the run it as briefly as possible and during a time when most people aren’t in camp. Also try to face the exhaust away from neighbors as much as possible.

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I’m right with you here - HATE mechanical noises when I’m camping - Generators, AC units in RV’s, heater fans, (or a exhaust fan from a nearby restroom facility for that matter)… or other people’s idea of music I have to listen to - I’m camping because I want to experience the nature around me… a parliament of owls, a murder of crows, the wind though white pines, the sound of rain on tent wall.

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A couple years back we had the opportunity to take my grandchildren and son-in-law visiting from Turkey on their first camping trip. We chose Crater Lake and even with the fires the smoke opened up to give us beautiful Vistas all the way around the lake. It was amazing, except when we were in our site. The people across the road ran their generator for hours. I kid you not. After 2 hours, I asked them to please shut it off, but since their “children are watching movies and charging their phones, and my wife is in the middle of cooking dinner…” they said it would be off by quiet time, 10 p.m. It ran at least another 2 hours…they had a huge gas can setting out, but was off then back on a couple times before 10.

We were in tents, cooking outdoors, the grands were having a blast playing in the dirt. But everything was overshadowed by a very loud and obnoxious generator.

Another time at Crooked River, an RV had not one, but two running simultaneously. Maybe because the people sit inside and aren’t aware? I don’t know…I guess if you need one, please be considerate.

We just purchased a 20-year-old MH with a generator. Having heard it run, you can bet we’ll only use it to charge the auxiliary batteries during the noisiest part of the day. My take on generator use is that the thoughtless owners don’t have the onboard battery capacity to get through a night of heater use and also likely don’t know how to use their accessories more efficiently.
I’m with you on the annoyance, especially when they are using the generator merely to duplicate the at-home environment (tv, game devices, cell phones and tablets). Two of the closest USFS campgrounds to us specifically prohibit use of accessories that can be heard by neighbors over normal conversational volume. We find staying at these locations far more enjoyable than the RV parks that allow everyone to run amuck with their personal nuisance toys.