Camping and Fishing Trips

If you love to Camp AND Fish where you camp, this is a good forum to discuss this passion. I am an avid kayak angler and I pretty much look for places to camp that has access to fishing, especially kayak fishing. I am currently living in the Bay Area of California and have done a few reviews in Dyrt. I also lived in Idaho and have quite a few Dyrt reviews for camping and fishing locations there :slight_smile:
If you share the same passion, let’s talk about it!

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I am looking for good parks to camp and fish at in Utah. I’m not looking for honey holes or anything, just a place to start. I have very little trout fishing experience but I would like to experience what western trout fishing has to offer.

I have a few favorite spots within an hour or so of Nashville, TN that have lake or river side camping spots. I do a couple trips a year where I camp up there and can launch my kayak from the campsite to chase sauger and largemouth.

I have gotten a bit bored with that though so I am shifting my focus next year. Instead of base camping and kayak fishing one zone/area of the lake I am going to a truck topper/camper with almost no setup or breakdown so I can work the length of a new river staying at a new site every night. I want to target smallies and trout, maybe even a muskie if I am in the right stretch of water.

I even picked up a personal drift pontoon boat so I do not have to haul the kayak. My kayak was really more of an open water (long) rig and not great in skinny water. I think the ability to move and cover water with both the truck camper and the drift boat will make the fishing a bit more exciting for me.

Next on the list is the Holston River in East TN, apparently a prime smallie stretch of water and great for browns in the spring. Public access and camping is limited so the ability to boondock and move will be key.

If I’m going camping, its usually because I’m fishing! I live in a desert, so it not rare that I drive 2+ hours to find a body of water, so why not stay the night after a day of fishing.
Altho, after we purchased our tear drop trailer, and my wife and daughter can come along and be more comfortable, we have started to take more camping focus trips.
I have a 10ft Pelican Bass Raider, but cant tow both boat and camper, so thats been a bit of an issue.
Maybe yakls will be in the future.

Wish I could help you, Dalton. I lived in AZ for 30 years, so I know spots there. I also lived in SW Idaho and know a few good spots there as well. I now live in the Bay Area in California and learning where to camp and fish. Been here since 2017, so I know a few good ones. If you ever have any questions about those states, let me know!

Hey OutdoorsTXS. I lived in AZ for 30 years, so I know spots there to camp and fish. I started out by driving 4 plus hours to find good trout spots and sleep in my Ford Mustang. I bought a tent and upgraded to a Ford Explorer, then a Ford F250 Super Duty. We now have a 27’ Jayco Travel Trailer that we pull and we haul 2, sometimes up to 4 kayaks on the ladder rack mounted above the bed of our pickup. Good times!!!

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Sounds like a blast, Jason! I fish and camp at lakes mostly. Sometimes we boondock with our RV or some lakes have full setups for our travel trailer. I have 3 Hobie Revolutions and a Hobie SUP (Eclipse). I enjoy fishing for all species and taking friends and family out, especially if they have never been on a kayak. Good times! Tight lines and enjoy your adventures!