Camping along the million dollar highway

wow I just learned about the million dollar highway - definitely want to go. Anyone have any recommendations for camping along the million dollar highway?

There are some great free spots on top of Red Mtn Pass near Ouray, CO.

There are numerous private campgrounds along the Highway but I have listed just a few of the locations I am aware of for Dispersed and Forrest service campgrounds near Ouray and Silverton, CO.

Amphitheater Campground
Uncompahgre National Forest Just south of Ouray at the first switchback CR 16 turn left if traveling south

Ironton Park Dispersed
Uncompahgre National Forest
Top of Red Mtn pass turn left onto CR-20 Ironton, CO if traveling south

Ophir Pass Dispersed
San Juan National Forest

FR 585 North of Silverton
Kendall Campground and Anvil Campground, South Mineral Campground, Golden Horn Campground along Mineral Creek and South Fork Mineral Creek

CR2 Silverton, CO along the Animas River

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