Campfire Safety Equipment

Hello everyone,
I am wondering how many people in this chat do and don’t bring fire suppressants when setting up a campfire. Everyone who reads this who camps 2+ times year please answer, yes and no’s are important for this survey. Also, if there was a product that you could spray around a campfire that would make surrounding vegetation inflammable for days and could be used to extinguish the fire faster than water and make the fire less likely to re-ignite, would anyone in this chat buy it? We are not trying to sell you a product, we are simply doing a survey for scientific findings.

Hi Sebastien,
Everyone should follow campground rules about building fires in campgrounds or while out dispersed camping. Have a shovel and water handy, and clear all vegetation around your burn area. And don’t forget a campfire permit. There are products out there that fire crews use to pretreat areas and buildings, to help protect them from on coming fires, but are not practical for campfire use. Some are foam type retardants that are sprayed on areas and you need special equipment to apply them. It wouldn’t work well around campfires, because who wants to be surrounded by foam while your trying to enjoy your fire. your idea is a good one, but I dont know of any cheap, easy to apply products that would work.

No. Don’t build a fire if conditions are too windy or dry, clear area around the fire pit, have shovel & water ready if needed and keep the fire under control. Don’t see the need for additional equipment.


Thank you for that feedback, if a simple spray that cost $15 and could be used 20+ times was out there would you buy it. Also it wouldn’t be foamy and has a similar viscosity to water.

No. Don’t see the need.

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You said you keep water handy, but a product that would be more effective at putting out the would allow you to handle a more aggressive and spreading fire that water would struggle to contain.

No, doubt I would have a need for it, I’m with PapaGlenn. But I’m sure others may be interested. Just keep your fires small and take proper precautions and follow the rules.

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Do you know anyone who brings any fire safety equipment to a campfire, or would use a product like this? This is just a poll, we aren’t going to try and sell them something.

I’ve been camping regularly for over four decades. I’ve run fire patrols for our local National Forest. I know how to control a fire. I also know when and where not to build a fire.


I don’t think that is a practical solution; embers can go a lot further than you think! If there’s a red flag warning, hot embers can be carried for miles.
Its a much better idea to only make a fire if conditions allow; and follow the rules.

Edited to add, I don’t carry a fire extinguisher camping.

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What about a fire extinguisher?

Why not, would you if they were smaller?