Bring outdoor cushions to camping, good idea?

Hi guys, we’re planning on camping later this month and we’re thinking about bringing outdoor cushions that I saw for sale over at WickerPark on our camping trip. Is this a good idea though? I think that outdoor cushions would be a better choice over regular pillows since they’re more durable and better suited for the outdoors. Any tips and recommendations would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

How are you going to use them. Outdoor pillows are typically quite stiff and would not be my choice to lay my head on one. They’d be fine to sit on.

Camped last weekend w/ a friend getting back in to car camping after a decade or so. He tossed in his cushy rocking patio chair in the back of his truck. I’m like, wth?, but it was pretty sweet for him rocking back around the campfire while we were in our “camp chairs.” I say go for it! :slight_smile:

Years ago, as a poor camper who liked comfort, I used to use one of those 3-way lounge chairs and a full lounger cushion when I went on car camping trips. Comfortable, inexpensive, easy to sit up to read before going to sleep, but it took up a lot of space in the car! And I still took a regular pillow for my head…much more comfortable. Though at Home Depot yesterday I saw some brightly colored memory foam pillows in their outdoor section!