Best RV Storage Hacks?

I’ve seen a lot of storage hacks online but I’d love to hear some that actually work and real RVers use. Post pics of your fave storage ideas below!

An acquaintance who’s living in a van fulltime shared that she uses square plastic storage containers to keep her drawers & cupboards organized and to maximize space. The containers she’s talking about are the clear ones with screw-on lids that food frequently comes in; I found an example on-line and attached it.

In addition to their square profile maximizing space, they reduce the amount of weight you’re carrying because the plastic is very lightweight. It’s not a lot, but it adds up.

I hope to one day have a camper van, and I’m already saving up these containers. They work nicely in my cupboards, but I wouldn’t use them if rodents are an issue. A rodent may be able to chew through the plastic.

Here’s my spice rack! The lids are glued to the ceiling, and I just need to unscrew the container and voila


Nice! Here’s the spice rack in our converted school bus, right next to our Berkey water filter.