Best Place to Sell Van/Camper?

Any recommendations on where I should list my 1996 Intervec Horizon Class B Conversion Van? I have tried Craigslist twice (lots of interest, little followthrough), and Ebay once (sketchy buyer, Ebay canceled).

facebook marketplace is an option! That’s where I bought my van


Thanks! A friend listed in the Class B FB group, not sure if same as marketplace. I don’t use FB or any other social media platform unfortunately.

As much as I’m not a FB fan, things do sell on marketplace. I spend more time there than on Craigslist or other sales sites.

Thanks! Anyone ever use

I agree that FB is a good platform to sell (and it’s free!). However, if you have no luck, try RV trader. There is a fee but it has a deeper reach to consumers.

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curious where you decided to list it?

List it on
RV Trader buy and sell new and used RV’s

Or rent it out on
Trusted RV Rental Place

I can’t believe how fast stuff goes on facebook marketplace, when we were looking at vans I would say 4 out of 5 were gone within the first day of posting.

The best place would probably be , that is where we sold ours.

Or you can create your own marketplace and set a post with a request/solution. It might be a good option for you as well, as I think. I used to do the same with details to my car that were useless for me but made a good thing for the one who accepted my proposal :slight_smile: