Best part of texas to live in if you want camping nearby

Texas is too huge as well know. If you were to live in one major texas city because of its surrounding outdoors areas, where would you live?

I’d say Austin because we have lots of parks and green spaces within the city and a number of State, County and LCRA parks within 150 miles. I’m also biased because I live in Austin. :slight_smile:

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Maybe this will sound strange, but we live in Ft Worth, and there are some great state parks just an hour or 2 from the DFW area! To be more specific, we LOVE Cleburne State Park; it’s only an hour from our house. Mineral Wells State Park is maybe 90 mins to our west. There’s Dinasaur Valley SP a couple hours away in Glen Rose. And there’s Tyler SP and Caddo Mills SP in east Texas, about a two hour drive. As I write this, I’m thinking to myself that Ft Worth really IS a good place to live as it pertains to RVing and/or tent camping!!!

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I wouldn’t say North Texas, at least North Central unless you are only wanting to camp near lakes. Many of the areas nearer to me are very dry in summer especially and can be even more hot as a result. I would recommend the Austin to Hill Country area, those areas are amazing, have more features for enjoying such as hiking, waterfalls, rolling hills and much more beautiful surroundings as a whole which justify the heat of summer. During fall and spring they also have an abundance of wildflowers and actual changing of the seasons during fall.

I do agree that Austin would be a choice area since it is closer to so many parks and lakes down in the hill country area. I live in Dallas, and like Susan F. said, we are close to many State parks and lakes. Along with the ones she mentioned, I would add Possum Kingdom Lake St Pk, Lake Mineral Wells, Lake Whitney to name a few. I’m about 4 hours from Inks Lake St Pk and that surrounding area including Marble Falls, Lake Buchanan and Lake LBJ. Also, living in North Texas puts me about 4 hours away from Broken Bow Lake in Oklahoma, which is amazing. Plus I like to get up to Arkansas as well. Good reasons for both areas I’d say.

A lot depends on what you want to do. If you want primitive camping, east or west Texas would be better. Central Texas has a lot of day trails, but not as much for primitive camping. If you are okay with a site with a concrete slab, etc., then yeah, you will find a lot of options in Central Texas. (I live in Central Texas)

I can tell you where you dont want to live, thats West Texas lol. I gotta hit the road to get to a nice park or lake, but whats camping, without a road trip!

For primitive camping, how about The Goodwater Trail, Lost Maples, Colorado Bend or just set off in a kayak down the Colorado River? :sunglasses: