Best Cutting Board and Knife Set?

Wondering if anyone uses a good cutting board and knife set when they backpack or when they RV? Also have more room when I take my RV, but backpacking space is limited and products I’ve used like the roll-up cutting board are not highly functional. I enjoy cooking when I camp and certain products have made it easier. Still working on fixing this problem though. Thanks!

For your rv set up Oxo has some great outdoor camping gear to include cutting board and knife. For backpacking I personally wouldn’t have that (I’d be using Good2Go food kits) but a pocket knife would probably be what I’ve got. Or just something really small and that could be fit into your stove.

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I use a High-quality kitchen knife set with essential blades for versatile cooking tasks. Ergonomic handles, durable construction, and stylish design make it a must-have for any home chef.