Best Camping Coffee

I’m all for French Press or AeroPress depending on what I grab on the way out the door. I love the versatility of my Aeropress go, and I never have the issue of grounds like I do with the french press

Yes! Percolators are the bomb! So is our version of camp coffee; put water in a pan, add grounds, boil and drip cold water to sink the grounds. Hot, strong coffee which is delightful at 18 degrees and 7:30 a.m.

Just used our pour-over coffee cone camping for the first time and I was so pleased at the taste and the ease. Your home-crafted technique sounds intriguing! We just found one on Amazon that makes it by the large mug. Heating the water gives you time to gather the mug and grounds and before you know it… joe. My only iffy-bit was the last sip - which was full of sludge. Fixed that the next day with a smidge of paper towel in the bottom of the cone. A cone filter will probably be talked into the bag next time.

IMHO, the best coffee is cowboy style. Boiled in the pot (or you can use the percolator basket). The secret to getting the grounds to settle is to pour COLD water down the spout and on the sides when you take it off the fire. It makes the grounds settle. Boiling it takes away a lot of the acid-y taste. I make it that way at home too.

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I should try this, thanks for sharing this method :grinning: