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To all of my fellow coffee snobs, I wanted to ask, how do you make the best cup of jo on the go? Whether you are backpacking or just car camping, how do you bring your coffee along with you? What methods have you found to work the best while in the woods? Thanks in advance!

We only car camp for now. We have a propane stove, and bought a lovely little Coletti Bozeman Percolator that we use exclusively when camping. That’s it. Good coffee. Works pretty dang good for us and a bonus with the stove is not having to wait a million years for hot water!

We use a percolator as well (Farberware stainless steel). Good beans, freshly ground; good water; careful application of heat; and 4 minutes of perking makes a great pot of coffee.

Camped with our son and his wife last weekend. I let him bring the beans (he is very serious about his coffee) and he was quite pleased with the results.

DW prefers tea to coffee, but morning coffee is a must for me. So we have a Krupps water heater in our RV. She has her tea & I my Folgers coffee bags, Best instant type coffee I’ve found.

Hi, we camp often with 4 days off And 4 on a week we get out as much as possible. A classic perculator over a propane burner works excellent for us, or any compact burner works. My fiancé loved it so much we tossed out the pricey coffee grinder maker at home and went old school.

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Carabou Blend beans, grinder, fine brewer and we are happy. Not rough much now at 74.

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I’ve tried a stovetop percolator and various instant coffees (Starbucks instant being the best of them), but I find that a pour-over gives me a great cup of coffee and the single filter makes it an easy cleanup. The pour over accessory takes up very little room as so the filters, so carrying the actual coffee takes up most of the space and weight.

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I’m a big fan of the Aeropress and the “Go” version of it that packs down small. Just needs hot water and fine ground coffee. Love it because the clean-up is very easy…you’re just left with a compact “puck” of used coffee.


I use a pour over with plastic filter holder. I’ve adapted and attached a metal funnel with a 1” PCV sprinkler pipe attached. That fits right into the top of my Coleman thermos. Simply boil the water, pour into the adapted plastic cone and you have coffee that will remain hot for 8 hours +. 5 minutes to make great coffee. If you would like, I will send a photo.


I use an Aeropress go and love it so much that I’ve started using it in my office as well instead of my frenchpress. Unfortunately I have not sprung for a hand grinder so I carry a bag of grounds with me in a sealed container.

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I love to Aeropress to go on, I have a hand grinder and all the tools that can help me to make coffee and I already ordered a great solo stove from the solo stove coupons and save $20 on my order and now I’m ready to go for any kind of trip.


If I’m car camping, I love my Stanley All-in-One French Press. You boil the water in the steel outer shell, pour your grinds in, wait 5 minutes, and then insert the press.

Backpacking, I go with my Stanley All-in-One cook set and make cowboy coffee. I use a trick from Cowboy Kent Rollins (a YouTube chef) to minimize the grinds when I sip (because you can drink straight from the All-in-One) - I pour a splash of cold water on top after I’ve let the grounds sit for a few minutes to dissolve in the water.

However, my friend Susan, if we’re at a car camp site with electricity - she plugs in her home coffee maker :). I don’t complain because she usually makes the coffee for us when she has the coffee maker with her.

And by us - I mean, she has her 1 cup and I drink the rest of the pot.

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Drop me a photo here amigo! Thanks!

dude, stanley all in one? Never heard of that! Is it a french press or what?

Correct it’s a French Press.

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Stanley does make a French Press, yes, I have one. As a caffeine addict, I h e coffee makers for all circumstances!! Here are photos of my “rough”, but very effective drip system. Best part is being able to brew at night and have too hot to drink coffee in the AM for those arrive before light sunrise shots.

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I do a pour over with a recycled paper filter. The thing I like about this method is that you can take the filter and grounds out and put them in your fire and simply rinse the unit out. And the coffee is great!


Hahahaha. We are coffee snobs but when boondocking, anything hot and remotely like coffee is wonderful!


Coffee tastes so very fine when camping and hiking or biking. All that excessive oxygen I guess.

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Stanley French Press all day. The boiling cup is mad versatile too. Easily best camping purchase.