Bears when backpacking (alaska)

im terrified of grizzlies. What are all the best practices when backpacking in grizzly country

Hi there! I’m a lifelong Alaskan and while they can be a concern when you’re out, encountering them is extremely rare so long as you’re cautious.
Do pay attention to alerts in the area you’ll be backpacking. While you’re moving around and hiking, it is important to make noise. People tout the use of “bear bells” but so long as you’re singing, talking, etc, you are making enough noise!
Bringing bear spray is not a bad idea as a defense if you do encounter one, but your first reaction if you encounter one should be to get away. You want to make yourself as large as possible (hands in the air etc.) and then back away slowly until it is no longer in sight.
Most bears want nothing to do with people, just like we want nothing to do with them.
If you’re going to be bringing food and camping there are additional precautions you’ll want to take, but those are easily found online.