App crashing on Android

Has anyone else had an issue lately with The Dyrt app crashing on Android when trying to do reviews? It feels really unstable lately and I’ve been frustrated when losing reviews part way through, especially when trying to add photos. (Phone and app software are both updated to latest versions; I’m using a Pixel 3; Pixel 6 on the way!)

Yes. Dyrt reached out to me, however my reply didn’t get through. I have a Samsung J260A and the pro just is very buggy. Maybe it’s my phone…except it is buggy on my chromebook too.

@MeLinda_W @Trekers
This should definitely not be happening. Do you mind reaching out to so we can solve this issue ASAP? Thanks so much!

We’d love to chat if you have time to submit a ticket. Thank you!

Email sent! Thanks. Ari

Good day all! As a note, the recent update to version 4.0.26 through the app store for both Google and Apple has addressed many of these issues. If you have not updated yet, please do so and then re-start your phones. Log in again and see if it’s better. And if not, please email to share the issues you are having. Thank you!

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