Anyone RVing recently in Adriondacks or VT?

Has anyone recently found a private or state camping area that is open in Adirondacks (NY) or mid-state VT?
Our early summer NYS DEC reservations have been cancelled and we are anxious to take a break from mid Hudson Valley, NY.

I’m pretty sure you’re welcome to camp in VT now without quarantine.

I was able to reserve a spot at Tree Farm campground near Springfield. Haven’t been there yet, so I can’t comment on how it is.

Thanks so much Steve~ will give it a try too

I was at Moose Hillock Camping Resort (private) in mid-May. Nice campground that has huge private sites. I visited before rates jumped up to $100/night. About 10 minutes from downtown Lake George with good hiking nearby. I wrote a post about the area on my blog and campground review of the Dyrt.

Our trip to Tree Farm Campground in Springfield, VT was very nice. The spaces are fairly spread out and there are a lot of trees providing plenty of shade. Most of the people there are pretty friendly, although the social distancing thing made it hard to get to know anyone very well.

There are some places nearby with easy-to-moderate hiking and biking opportunities, and you can canoe or kayak on the Connecticut River at Wilgus State Park, which is only about 15 minutes from the campground.

Hi All,
We just spent four days in our 20-ft RV at Tree Farm, and even with the COVID restrictions and daily downpours, it was a lovely experience. Quiet campground, friendly campers; Manager Elizabeth delightful.
One area feature missed was safer cycling and/or well maintained rail trail~ Nevertheless we plan to return mid-Oct.