Another possibly ludicrous question

I will be traveling to the Smokey’s in a week for my first camping trip
(No showers but running water )
I have booked 7 days and cannot face not taking a shower for that long
I got a couple of those hang up solar showers but don’t think they are no going to cut it.
I was thinking “man up” and just use the ice cold water that is available but…

I was looking at the portable heater/showers but don’t want to drag a propane tank with me.
Is there a heater that will work with the 1 Pound Propane Cylinders?

Found one
Zodi propane water heater camp shower
Any thoughts?

Also consider using Venture Wipes or a non-rinse liquid soap - we have used both to stretch our shower times and they have worked well. -Ari

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You will be surprised how well those solar bag showers work. You can always add hot water to them from warming up water on a stove. Give one a try before your trip.


If you just need to be able to take a shower There are several places outside the park where you can pay to take a shower.

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I’ve camped and showered in Yosemite using the solar heater to heat the freezing mountain water in September and they work fine. You just need to place them in a sunny place. They also work more quickly then one would think. Good luck/ have fun.

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We’ve been on the road for months at a time. Wet wipes every night in the tent. And then, when you need to wash your hair - a basin and some bio soap - It works - Maybe not what you’re used to at home … but you’re not at home!! It’s only a week. You might surprise yourself😉. When we were gone for weeks at a time - an occasional hotel - or an RV park that let us use their showers for a fee…. Mostly - have fun!!

We did a few days in Shenandoah last year at one of the campgrounds with no shower. No rinse soap for as long as possible, and wipe downs when icky. But I needed to wash my long, thick hair after a few days. We had one of those shower bags hung up in a sunny place. It worked really well, actually. I didn’t do a whole body wash, but with the right set up of towel or whatever it could totally be done. And ours wasn’t even fancy. Super cheap bought from Aldi or Lidl for less than $10.

What about keeping a covered pot over/next to your fir? If no fire, a cup of boiling water to a pan of cold water cuts the edge. Put your head in first, then wash downwards ending with the feet. I’m not sure why you need a shower unit when you have access to water…especially if you are only out a week.

Got it sorted for 80 bucks.
Zodi propane water heater and north pole black canyon 4.5’ x 4.5’ camp shower
new :grinning:

So I get hot water and privacy

Thanks to all for the suggestions

I have a Zodi. One pass through the heater isn’t quite warm enough. Run the heater with water going back into the bucket for a while. Then it’s hot enough. It might take less propane to heat a pot on the stove or campfire and then run the zodi without lighting the cylinder.

I got one that uses dual gas cans

Zodi is a great choice. I’ve used one for years and it is great. Just be careful to always have water flowing from your source and out of the nozzle before yo light the burner and always turn off the burner before you stop the flow of the water. Otherwise, you will have a disaster!!