Amateur Radio and Backpacking

Who else uses Amateur Radio while backpacking?? We do! Here’s a picture of myself on top of Mount Whitney, CA at an elevation of 14,505 ft. We were on our last day of of a 9 day long backpacking trip. We hiked the entire High Sierra Trail (HST). We started in Sequoia National Park and hiked about 80 miles to Whitney Portal. We have found amateur radio to be a great hobby along the trail. It also helps us when our group gets separated or is exploring various off trail routes. We can send out scouts to test routes before everyone else hauls all their gear to a dead end.

If you do… What’s your call sign??? I’m K6AMS 73s

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Gotta lot of love for Amateur radio but don’t have my own license or tried it backpacking. Growing up my grandpa and I used to talk to strangers all the time. His call sign is KJ6NE, which I have tattooed in morse code on my wrist :slight_smile:

That’s really cool. Did you know that you can request to have that call sign assigned to you if someone else isn’t using it?? That would be really neat if you got your license and claimed his call sign. It’s not too hard to to. It’s a 35 question test and you only have to get 70 percent correct. If you’re interested, I can give you more info on how to get started.

Amateur radio’s will open up radio communications for you. The frequencies will travel much farther than those cheap FRS radios everyone uses.