Alternative camping plans... What's your favorite campsite?

Due to Covid, our pre-planned camping events for Sept (Montreal) and Oct (Ozarks, MO) were cancelled. In the event that restrictions are lifted, we’re looking for other places we can get away to. We live in NW PA (near Erie) and wherever we go has to be within 16 hours drive. We have a vintage tow-behind, but we’re likely still working on that and will tent camp. My partner is a mycologist, so if there are fungi, we want to look at them!

We’re considering the Pine Barrens in NJ this fall, but not sure where else we should pitch a tent. Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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We are currently in VA, and have been to Pochohontas State Park and Lake Gaston which are both our favorites so far. We usually camp local.

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Awesome! We’ll definitely look into it!

Cook Forest State Park in the Allegheny NF region

The NF itself has a good many sites one can use as a base (Hearts Content is small but can take huge RV’s if that’s what ya brung)

For some serious dark sky action, try LymansRun SP in Pa

Or more south in Monongahela National Forest. There’s too many sites to list, but many are large enough for campers.

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Thanks! We live right on the border of the ANF and Cook Forest is one of our very favorite places (so is Hearts Content!). We were initially headed to Greenwood Furnace SP this weekend but they cancelled our reservation (boo!) so we’re off to Shawnee SP.

If you are near Erie I’m sure you have been to raccoon park. Drive down 79 to towards the Pittsburgh airport to Beaver Co. There you will find a beautiful park with a similar name of that park in Girard. Raccoon state park has something for everyone.

Oh yeah there are morels somewhere in almost 12 mile park. There’s even a waterfall and natural spring

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