Alaska Road Trip Ideas

Just got an RV and want to do the ultimate adventure, Alaska road trip! What are must see’s and do’s and any other expert advice would be most helpful

I would recommend getting a “Milepost” magazine to help guide you and show everything along the way up to AK from the lower 48. There is just so much and it does a good job of covering the main items. And it is printed and internet likely will not be available. I am partial to the Kenai Peninsula where I bought a place. In the mountains and across from the Kenai River. The main issue is to drive safe! Many run off the road by looking at scenery!


We were supposed to take a 7 week trip up and back this year. Sadly, have had to postpone to next year. Milepost is THE resource for planning. Amazon has it for about $19.

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You can drive all of the paved roads in Alaska in less than a week. Do not be in a hurry. It is a great place to wander around. Places to camp everywhere if you are self contained.