Address use for traveling ...?

If one is living full time while traveling in RV,
What do they do for an address ?!!???

We don’t live full time in our 5th wheel, but we often travel for up to 8 weeks at a time. We have moved all of our business online (Bill’s, banking, etc.)

We had forwarded mail to a family member and just collected all of it on our way .

We have been full-time for over a year now and use DakotaPost, in Sioux Falls SD, as a mail accumulation and forwarding service and our address of record. SD is retiree friendly, they have no state income tax and low vehicle registration and tax rates. There are others, but we chose them, as they are a small, friendly business.

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When we got into fulltiming just under a year ago, we joined Escapees. They provide a lot of paperwork and assistance for domiciling. I think they offer both Texas and Florida. (Texas for us, easy “move” because we were Texas residents already.)

Highly recommend. You have your yearly membership (which is far more than mail), then $10/month for the mail service. They scan the envelopes when they come in and notify you. You can then login to view the envelope and choose a) destroy it, b) send with schedule mail (which is whenever/wherever you tell them to forward, at postage cost) or even c) open and scan for 50 cents/page.

Been very happy with it.

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We set up a TravelingMailbox account in the state of residence in Washington state (they scan our mail and can forward things to us anywhere). We picked Washington because it was the state we moved prior to starting our journey (no income tax), and the state we planned to return to…

The only challenge is certain businesses (like banks) will not accept that as your “home” address, so you may need another one…