Add stops to end of your trip

How can I add more stops to the end of my planned trip?

Good day! Glad to help!

I assume you have a planned trip and you just simply want to “add more”, is that right? The very simplest way to do it is to add another “trip” that starts where you ended. That way you don’t have to change anything about Trip #1.

If you feel you just simply want to add on to Trip #1, it’s easiest to do this part in app, not the web.

  1. Open the trip in app that you want to adjust.
  2. On the map that shows your trip, you see a “location” icon in the upper left with a “+” sign. That will allow you to drop a custom pin on the map.
  3. Then you can see it in your list
  4. If it adds it in the wrong spot (ie: before the trip is over instead of at the end), then click on swipe up from the bottom to see the trip details and hit “organize my trip”. That will allow you to drag/drop in the order you like. Then apply and the trip is now in the right order!

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Happy camping!