Accessible Camping Survey

Are you, or someone you care for, a person who enjoys the outdoors, but has a disability or health condition that affects your ability to enjoy camping? I’m a student conducting research for an app that aims to make camping more accessible. Please help me by completing this brief survey:

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May I share this on Facebook? This doesn’t apply to me, but I have friends & loved ones with mobility issues. I’d love to see outdoor recreation become more accessible. (I was so pleased when I saw accessible camping facilities along the Palouse to Cascades Trail in Washington State. It made me so proud of my State that they created an opportunity for people in wheelchairs to backpack.)

Yes, please do! I’m glad to know that my project resonated with you, and happier still to hear about Washington State’s work on this issue. I appreciate you getting the word out about my survey.

My app is ready for usability testing! The scope has expanded to include aging campers with concerns related to camping safety and accessibility, but it still focuses on connecting campers with experts who can help make camping more accessible. I’m looking for participants who can spend 10-15 minutes during the next two weeks to test the app remotely over Zoom. Would you be kind enough to share my email ( with anyone you think might be interested? Thank you!

I just ran accross this thread, and taken your survey.

What exactly does your app do? What platforms is it for?

I’m not interested in connecting to experts, I am interested in connecting to accessible sites, and resources that are clogged up by the site scalpers.

At least in my situation, I can deal with everything but that is because I have gone WAY out of my way to specifically equip to deal with my issues. In campsite power is my biggest concern, And while I do have a generator and battery bank, I’d rather not use my generator if I can avoid it.