2022 Camping Bucket List

Hey all! I am putting together my dream camping trips for 2022 including BLM overland camping in Moab and trying to rent a van. I was curious what your camping dreams are for 2022? Whether it’s trying a new type of camping or a specific destination!

I have a huge trip I’m planning…Rim 2 Rim Grand Canyon and we’ll be staying at the campgrounds in the Canyon (assuming we win permits to do that). I’ve hiked down and out before, but not R2R (North Rim was closed) and that time and we stayed at Phantom Ranch. This time will be a whole new experience and I’m stoked!

I’m hoping for river permits for a weeklong adventure! I’d love to camp a few days on the river, especially if there are hot springs nearby! I’ve camped near hot springs before, but there’s just something magical when you have it all to yourself; and get to take the splashy way to get there :wink: