Reviewed Apr. 26, 2021

Decent camp ground

This is a good place to camp, but.

While we did have good coverage for our Verizon phones.  We got site 98 which backs up to the lake.  Great idea, but due to people having no manners, we had people walking through our campsite to get to the water to fish constantly.

This was also the first time we experienced animal problems on a camping trip.  Normally, we move all our food under our awning to a small table we keep beside the TT for cooking.  This trip, there were racoons that liked our food more than we did.  First night, we lost a half gallon glass jar of dog food.  It had a lid on it, and it took me until the second night to figure it out.  I thought we had just misplaced it since nothing else was missing.  But after the activities on the second night we knew where the dog food went.  Ended up loosing a box of graham crackers, bag of marshmallows, and a bag of burger buns.

Other than the animal issue(self induced).  The camp site was fine.  I do find the placement of the large boulders to be odd!  We had to back our TT all the way into the camp site due to they line each side of the camp sites with huge boulders.  I am talking big ones, they are at least half the size of the picnic tables.  This would be fine, but they put one on each side of the entrance to the camp site which does make it a bit concerning to back in.  And once in, you have to make sure you place your TT in the right place so you don't have one in front of your door.

There was no hookups at this site, it was fairly flat, but it was VERY dust!  There was very little grass, odd for end of April, so the site was mainly just a dirt patch which was dry enough it was pretty much just dust.

Another observation was that while they did have a couple water taps (dish washing station) on this loop, they were both on the other side of the loop, so we would have to either walk through others camp sites or walk around the entire loop.  

With the issues with animals, I would suggest you dump your trash nightly, but there was no dumpsters on this loop.  The closest was about half way back to the check-in booth, in the boat ramp parking lot.  This was about 1/2 mile from our camp site.


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