Reviewed Apr. 23, 2021

Super Large RV Resort

Camp Hatteras RV Resort is incredibly large. You can stay beachfront or you can stay sound front. This is the largest campground we have ever stayed at. And from the sound of it, it is always jampacked.

We selected to stay sound front because we were interested in paddle boarding on the on sound. Plus, if you stay on the sound side, you get beautiful sunsets.

It is definitely a hike if you stay on the sound side to get beachfront. We rode our bikes over there each day and it was work, considering we were carrying our beach chairs and beach supplies.

They had a really great food truck on site. You could get breakfast, lunch and dinner there.

They had a very large dog playground that was well-maintained, as well as other amenities like a basketball court, miniature golf , shuffle board and tennis.

There is not much shade whatsoever, so take that into consideration when visiting. 

  • Sound front spot
  • Sound front view
  • Beach day!
  • Dog demanding dinner
  • Goodest dog
  • Dinner to go at campsite

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