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Reviewed Apr. 22, 2021

Secluded Island Fun

My girlfriend and I learned about Little Tybee Island while spending the day in Savannah on a road trip (we were moving to Illinois from Florida). We learned about it around 2pm; by 5pm we were on the water. We forgot to bring a lot of things in our rush, but the island was fantastic. To get to the island, make your way to the tip of Tybee island and find a parking spot on one of the streets that are marked as parking spots. If memory serves, we spent about $25 to stay there 17 hours. Take your kayak onto the beach, and then head to the island to the south. Here are my tips:

1. Be extremely wary of the tides! Because of our lack of planning, the tide was low on our way there and on the way back. This means that we had to carry our kayak several feet up the sandbar to make sure that it would not be carried away in the night. We also ran into a sandbar on the way there, and had to tow the kayak several feet in shallow but cold water. 

2. Bring insect repellent, long shirt and pants. I got bit up pretty bad by sand fleas while playing on the beach, and had itchy red spots all over my legs for about a week. 

3. Like everyone else said, there are animals on the island, and the most rambunctious are the raccoons. You will see their paw prints in the sand, and near all of the best areas for campsites. Make sure to secure your food!

All in all, there's something extremely gratifying about rowing out to an island on the ocean and spending the night on an island that is uninhabited (except for the random other camper).

Well recommended for those looking for an adventure and have experience camping!

  • Horseshoe crab shell
  • Raccoon prints
  • Dolphin
  • Boneyard

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