Yankee D.
Reviewed Apr. 21, 2021

Good state park but deteriorating campground and rude park rangers

My family and friends have been going to Manatee Springs State park every year to camp. We've been doing it in tents which is great and the last 2 years in campers. We always enjoyed it because you have trails, boardwalk and kayak launch and swimming area along with fishing and plenty of nature. But for the last couple years things have gone down hill. First thing is they are letting the springs area be overrun by nature and they removed the kids area. This was a huge bonus for kids and it just looks like they have given up on maintenance and just ripped out the kids area due to maintenance. On top of that the rangers in the last couple years are getting rude in the way they interact with the guests. The sites were always well maintained and now instead of maintaining them while protecting nature, it seems they have given up and are letting the roads and sites be overtaken. The roads have dozens of huge potholes and sites are overrun by huge roots. They added sewer a couple years ago when they built a new bathhouse but most of the sewer hookups were installed incorrectly and because of leveling issues at the sites they are useless. Several of the sites when it rains are flooded and washed out and they don't seem to care. Nature is always good to persevere but the campsites should also be maintained and many other state parks know how to balance this. Not to mention because they are allowing nature to take over, there is a massive tick problem here and you should prepare to be infested by ticks, especially in summer. Overall this place is great to go for the day but lately for camping is hit or miss. Just know that site 11 washes out during rain and is very unlevel and site 10 is very unlevel and massive roots throughout. Magnolia loop has a newer bathhouse and full hookup sites. But in the end if you like nature and good kayaking with manatees, this place can still be decent. Cell service is almost non existent for most. Verizon has small coverage and t-mobile with an antenna may work better, without it's not at all available unless you drive towards front of campsite. Att is hit or miss but it's still usable.

  • Site 11 Bad Sewer Hookup Location
  • Site 10 Lots of roots and very unlevel
  • Sewer Hookup should be at the lowest end not at the front

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