Reviewed Apr. 15, 2021

Great Spot for Spring Camping

After our second visit to the CG in three weeks I would say that this place is an esp great place to camp in early spring when there are less campers and a quieter experience. Maybe best of all there are no bugs out tonspeak of yet. The sites are close together so I can see how in the busy season it a less appealing experience. Bottom line though it is a nice spot. The roads are decently paved, the spots are clearly marked, the bathrooms are clean and nice, and there is good access to hydrants for water. Three to four spots per loop have great views of the Columbia River, but to get to the waters edge you have to decent maybe 20 feet down. It seems kids love to ride their bikes around the paved loops for entertainment. Boat launch is nearby and so us Kettle Falls for an ice cream run. When we called people were friendly and honored quiet hours.

SiteLoop 2, Site 47

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