Ellis L.
Reviewed Apr. 12, 2021

Wonderful campsite run by wonderful guys!

I have to preface by saying that I signed up to The Dyrt just to leave a review for Devil Doc campgrounds. I could not have had a more lovely experience at Devil Doc - and my GSD Daisy would emphatically agree! As they say, a tired dog is a good dog, and this girl is wiped out! We loved our stay so, so much

Rich is the owner and he's an absolute riot. A dude with an obvious zeal for life, his mission for this campground is to share this truly beautiful place he's lucky to call home with other people who are seeking to immerse themselves in nature. He and his buddy, Rick, live on acres and acres of forested property, with my favorite campsites located at a seemingly magical pond surrounded by beautiful pine and birch trees. They are constantly improving the campsites/property and although I thought it was perfect as is, Rich has grand plans for upgrades (i.e. outhouses and additional electric sites)! These guys really do so much to go out of their way to provide an amazing experience, from brewing coffee in the AM to helping you in whatever way they can, so please show respect, mindfulness, and clean up after yourself.

The campsites themselves are huge - this isn't a state park site where you're smushed on top of your neighbor. There are all types of campsites available for various camping styles; not all are adjacent to the pond. Although Daisy and I were the only ones there (Rich kindly accommodated our early booking request), I could envision how perfect it would still be even if the campgrounds had been fully booked out. There's enough space for everyone to feel some semblance of privacy and he also has a couple of completely private sites located a short distance away from the pond. However, the pond is really hard to beat. 

In terms of preparation, bring all your standard camping gear. Purchasing firewood is totally unnecessary because there's plenty of it, literally, everywhere. I'd recommend bringing a hatchet. However, if you're not into that, then Rich and Rick sell firewood, too. You'll see their hard work meticulously lined up when you first drive in :)  There's no running water at the tent sites, but the pond is available and with a carbon water filter, it was delicious. Bringing your own water also works. 

Hiking is also available directly from the campgrounds and connects to nearby trails, leading wherever your heart desires, from treks to the lakes nearby to one that even goes all through the Adirondacks. 

Honestly, we were incredibly spoiled to have this place all to ourselves and with such wonderful hosts who are clearly good people! We got lucky in so many ways - between the early booking being accepted and the weather miraculously being perfect the couple nights we were there. It was exactly the getaway we needed from the stress of NYC and the pandemic. I've been raving about our trip ever since we returned home and will definitely be back at least one more time this summer!

Can't wait to see you guys soon! 

<3 Ellis & Daisy


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