Leah T.
Reviewed Apr. 5, 2021

BEWARE of the 10 year age restriction

There is NO mention of an age restriction on their website. I specifically searched it before I made the reservation. But they WILL take the reservation online, take your money, then call to check the age of your rig. If you are honest, you are screwed. They will "refund in 3-5 business days". But in the meantime, you potentially have nowhere to stay and no money to pay for somewhere else. You are more than welcome to show up and let them inspect your rig, inside and out, and see if you pass inspection. Then they might let you stay. But if not, like I said, you are out the money for "3-5 business days" and have nowhere confirmed to stay. This is their "policy", of which, you are not notified in advance. I find this scenario just plain rude and disingenuous. If I had known up front about the"10 year policy", I would not have made the reservation, had my funds tied up and caused this aggravation.

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