J D.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Apr. 4, 2021

Hidden Paradise

Much like life, the journey is truly the best part. Reaching the destination includes beautiful views straight out the Sound of Music. I haven’t had such peace camping in awhile. The Lost Coast is truly a hidden gem. Before arriving please make sure you have everything you may want or need. It is not a quick run to grab snacks type situation. Goes without saying but be careful with your speed as there are very large pot holes on the unpaved roads heading up and down the mountains towards the coast. Also be mindful of all wildlife as you truly will be in their habitat and they are around every turn the further up the mountain you go. The camp spots are clean. Right over the hill is nothing less than gorgeous nature. Hiking the trailhead is miles of ocean and hillsides. Do not play in the water. That is the Northern Pacific Ocean! The waves are no joke and who knows what sea creatures are out there. Also pending your phone you won’t have any service heading through the mountains or once your there. ( There were brief moments of some service near the lighthouse up the trailhead though) Bathrooms aren’t much but for those that don’t want to dig a hole it will do. The trip was beautiful, breathtaking and refreshing. The ocean and breeze will rock you to sleep at night. Beyond amazing and so glad I made the trip.

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